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In the Solace Ebook

In the Solace Ebook

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Colonel Liam Wessex is happy to see Jamie Callahan and Kyle Brannigan finally married, but it leaves him wishing his own life wasn’t such a mess. With his classified identity revealed to the British public, Liam struggles with the transition into civilian life. When MI6 Agent Oliver Archer stumbles back into his world, Liam has a second chance to make things right between them, if only the prickly agent would let him close again.

Oliver thought he’d done enough to cut Liam out of his life for good after a disastrous night together during their youth. But when terrorists target London and Liam is called back to active duty, they’re forced to work together for the good of queen and country. Liam may not be the spoiled prince Oliver once knew but that doesn’t make up for the heartache he caused.

Amidst royal engagements and clandestine missions, Liam and Oliver find themselves facing a threat that could tear them apart all over again.


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