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An Emporium of Hearts Audiobook

An Emporium of Hearts Audiobook

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To forget and live, or to live and fight?

THE MARSHAL. Melvin Kaur is a nobleman, a magician, and a high-ranking cog in the Clockwork Brigade working out of Istal. His well-established spot in high society is a grand cover for the smuggling his family oversees. But when a handoff goes wrong, and Melvin is forced to flee through the night with his charges, he finds unexpected help from an endearing man in the unlikeliest of places.

THE TOY MAKER. Ezra Wren is trying to keep his family’s business in the black and the banks at bay, but the numbers in his ledger do not lie. Debt bondage is a very real threat he will soon have to face, and that was before a bloodied nobleman broke into his toy shop in the dead of night. Despite the risk, Ezra can’t turn away those in need, and finds himself saying yes to a nobleman’s plea and losing his heart in the process when he can ill afford to lose anything.


Narrated b: Gary Furlong

Length: 1 hour 37 minutes

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